How To Install

Types of Installations

The Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™ is easy to install and can be retrofitted into a number of environments.

Plumber's Wrench

Fixed Installation – requires a plumber

1. Invisible –  install bulkheads in the tub wall to connect to the Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™. Unit can be located (1) within the tub deck itself, (2) in a cabinet near the tub or (3) in an adjacent room.

2. Over and In – no structural changes are made to the tub itself. Pipes connected to the Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™ are run over the top of the tub and into the water. 

Once a fixed installation is complete, simply fill the tub and switch unit power on. See examples below.

Tub Ready

Mobile – requires no installation

1. Just wheel the Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™ up to the tub.

2. Drop in connecting hoses.

3. Plug unit into the wall.

4. Switch unit power on.

Create the ultimate hydrotherapy experience for your patients, clients, athletes or yourself

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Requirements for Installation

Professional installation will require you to contract a licensed plumber and/or electrician. Mobile units, on the other hand, require no installation and are designed for plug-and-play operation.

To offer you and your installer peace of mind, Nanovated offers a free installation consultation via phone. For an additional charge, a Certified Nanovated Representative can make a site visit to oversee and ensure proper installation, operation and functionality.

Note: The Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™ does not come with a bathtub. Nanovated does not make or sell bathtubs. 

Ease of Use

The Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™ functions with the simple turn of a timer dial or flick of a switch.  After your bathtub is filled with water, the generator turns on and begins to circulate the water through the system. The water is now being Nanovated™.  Allow the system to run while you soak for 15-30 minutes and enjoy the benefits of a relaxing Nanovated Hydrotherapy Treatment™!

How do I know it is working?

When the tub is filled with water and the Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™ is turned on, you will see the water turn milky white.  This means the system is working properly and the water is now loaded with highly-bioavailable Hydrogen, Oxygen and Air.  The milky-white look is a byproduct of our water processing in the form of micro-gas bubbles. These microbubbles, while interesting in appearance, are not the source of the effects we see from our hydrotherapy treatments. When the Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™ is shut off, the microbubbles will begin to disappear and the water will return to its original transparent state.

While far more complex than the name suggests, you can think of our gas bubbles as nano-sized gas bubbles. Nanobubbles are so small that it takes approximately 12,000 nanobubbles lined up side by side to form the width of one human hair. At this time, nanobubbles can only be measured by laser spectroscopy to confirm their existence and we have shown that our device produces 242 million nano-gas bubbles per milliliter. This means that a normal bath tub has over 64 TRILLION highly-bioavailable, nano-gas bubbles to nourish the skin.

Nanobubbles and the amazing restructuring of the water are invisible to human eyesight, however, people who have experienced a Nanovated Hydrotherapy Treatment™ immediately recognize a “velvety texture” to the water and agree there is something different about the way it feels on the skin.


Nanovated Hydrotherapy is virtually maintenance-free once it is installed properly. Although the system is designed to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, we suggest cleaning your bathtub manually (after every use if used in a commercial setting and periodically if used at home under minimal use).

We suggest using Simple Green’s d Pro 5 Disinfectant. It is gentle on the system. Be sure to stay away from foaming detergents. They can leave harsh chemical remnants in the system and you wouldn’t want to soak in that.


The Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™ comes standard with limited manufacturer’s 3-year warranty which ensures that your device is free from defects.

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