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We sell the ability to administer use of Nanovated Hydrotherapy Treatments™ for use in commercial (including Athletic Performance & Training, Integrative Wellness and Pain Management) and residential markets. Ability to purchase a Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™ is granted per scope-specific, limited-use lease agreement. 

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Benefits of Ownership

Ease of Use

The Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™ functions with the simple turn of a timer dial or flick of a switch.  After your bathtub is filled with water, the generator turns on and begins to circulate the water through the system. The water is now being Nanovated™.  Allow the system to run while you soak for 15-30 minutes and enjoy the benefits of a relaxing Nanovated Hydrotherapy Treatment™


The Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™ comes standard with limited manufacturer’s 3-year warranty which ensures that your device is free from defects.


Professional installation will require you to contract a licensed plumber and/or electrician. Mobile units, on the other hand, require no installation and are designed for plug-and-play operation. 

To offer you and your installer peace of mind, Nanovated offers a free installation consultation via phone. For an additional charge, a Certified Nanovated Representative can make a site visit to oversee and ensure proper installation, operation and functionality.

Note: The Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™ does not come with a bathtub. Nanovated does not make or sell bathtubs. 


Nanovated Hydrotherapy is virtually maintenance-free once it is installed properly. Although the system is designed to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, we suggest cleaning your bathtub manually (after every use if used in a commercial setting and periodically if used at home under minimal use).

We suggest using Simple Green’s d Pro 5 Disinfectant. It is gentle on the system. Be sure to stay away from foaming detergents. They can leave harsh chemical remnants in the system and you wouldn’t want to soak in that.

Where can I go to experience the Nanovated Hydrotherapy System™?

Most Nanovated Hydrotherapy Systems™ are under private ownership and not available to the public. We are now making these devices to available to wellness, athletic performance and spa facilities. Nanovated will publish a full list of recommended providers in the very near future.

For now, if you live near or visit Orange County, CA, you can experience a Nanovated Hydrotherapy Treatment™ at the Center For New Medicine in Irvine, California.

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